Saturday, January 1, 2000

Custom Cards

Custom Cards/Labels
Custom cards and labels can be designed for any occasion and come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes,   Cards are printed on Cardstock and uniquely designed for you on both front and back.  Any background, colors, font, etc can be customized to your liking.  Please allow a week for the designing of the card and 4 days for delivery, unless otherwise discussed.  
A "How To" guide is shown at the bottom of the page.

Design of Custom Card -   $25
Printing Costs - per 24 cards w/envelopes
4x5.5 {linen/matte}            $25
 5x7 {linen/matte}              $30

Boutique Cards also available, many custom shapes available, please inquire for more information

Holiday Card Examples

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Invitation Examples
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Announcement Examples

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Design of Custom Labels -  $10 {free with custom card design}
{Great for return address or labels for school etc.}
Printing Costs - per 50 stickers
2x3.5                                $20
Label and Small Card Examples 

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Design of Card

You can see example of the custom cards I have made by going to my website
and clicking on Custom Cards.
This will give you ideas on how you would like your card, but all designs will be unique.
The page will also give you pricing information.

"How to"

1.  {Skip this step if you will be using your own pictures or no pictures}
 - Go to, click on Proofs at top of page, you will be directed to the proofing site

- From there click on your gallery name and enter password. 
- Pick out the pictures you would like to use on your card using the image name {ex. Cate_C_101612 (12)} not the # on the proof site.
- The cards can be designed on front and back,  and come in 5x7 or 4.5x5 {postcard} so you can use as many pictures that will fit. Boutique shaped cards are also available, inquire for more info.
2. Once you have picked out your pictures {or have collected your own pictures} go  back to
Click on the CustomCard Link at the top and scroll down and Click on Design Options. 
Here you will be able to choose from many backgrounds.  Choose the background/backgrounds you prefer based on the image name {Paper Choices (101)} and not the # on the proof site.  If you do not find one you prefer, we will find one with your specifications.

3. Next, decide what kind of wording you would like on your card, front   and back.

3. Once you have all this information,  please email it to me at, along with your phone number.  (Please include High Resolution Images if you are using your own)   
4.  I will call you and we can discuss the design of the card.  Within 1 week, {unless otherwise discussed}  I will email you a digital version of the card and you can make up to 3 changes.

5.  When the final design is complete I will email you the High Resolution Digital File along with a print release if needed. 

If you would like to order the cards to be printed , they come on thick cardstock front and back, along with envelopes. The pricing is listed above.

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