Sunday, October 7, 2007

My little golfer....

We had a team golf outing the other day at work. Matt was gone and there was no one to watch Caroline so she went with us. She did really great on hole 1. We brought her snoopy clubs and she had fun playing.

The golf course was by the air base and she would stop and point at the planes and say daddy. I guess she thinks daddy is in every plane!!

It turned out to be hotter outside then we anticipated and Caroline only made it to hole 3 before she was not having fun anymore. Everyone at work was so sweet to her. I felt bad we had to leave so early!! We did get some cute pictures though.
I got that little golfer hat from Amanda at a baby shower, she finally got to wear it. It has minnie mouse on it and says "minnie-ature golfer". It was really cute and went great with her little golf outfit.

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